Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Techcapital Software is the leading design, development and online branding company. As a reward for our continued customer loyalty and diligence, we have earned global recognition and won awards and legal accreditation from various regulatory bodies.

Here are some of the key highlights in our policy document


Non-Disclosure Agreement

We value the privacy of our clients. Rest assured that any personal information that you provide to us when placing your order will not be rented out, shared, or disclosed to third parties without your consent!

Cookies Agreement

Our main reason for using cookies is not to collect information but to track clients who access our website. This information helps us to improve our service delivery to meet all clients’ needs. Techcapital Software uses a cookies policy on its site. This is designed to offer you better services especially by linking the users to the websites of the products they are viewing. You should not get disappointed when you learn that Techcapital Software uses cookies if you don’t feel them appropriate, you can always disable them. You can disable cookies on your browser, actually on every browser such as Mozilla, internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Terms and Conditions

Before using Techcapital Software, you need to know the terms and conditions that govern the users. You are required to read and understand the terms and conditions before transacting any deals with us. This company is a fully registered private Software company in India going by the company name Techcapital Software Private Limited. It is located at Faridabad – 121001 in India. This site allows you to view and read any information displayed on the site. However, using or copying the content or using the photographs or any other information on the site elsewhere is illegal and prohibited by not only Techcapital Software but also the law. In such a case you are required to have permission from the company to use this information. This site is critical to downtime and will always strive to ensure the site is active around the clock unless the situation is beyond the company’s control. The visitor is expected to have formal conduct while surfing the site and more so in the interactive segment where visitor poses their views and comments. For any questions, confirmations, or comments, feel free to contact Techcapital Software Private Limited at You can as well place a call on+91-8860126060.